Electronic Document Management

All your documents at your fingertips with AXELOR DMS

AXELOR Document Management Solution

Simple and effective handling


Axelor has an integrated Electronic Document Management. You can load with a simple “drag-and-drop” documents into the application, as well as download to your computer all the application documents instantly, and even en mass.

Generate your documents directly from the application


The creation of simple word processing and spreadsheets is integrated into the application. Of course, you have a creation and modification history for each document.


A custom tree


The Axelor EDM tree is twofold. You have the possibility to attached the documents to the records of the application (quotation, order, …), and you can create in parallel your own folder tree in the application.


Respected privacy


Each user can decide for his documents permissions of other users. You can decided who is allowed to read, edit, delete documents in just a few clicks.


Your documents accessible at any time


You can flag a document that need to be accessible offline from the mobile application. With a simple synchronization, all the necessary documents for your users are at hand.


Find your documents when you need them

Axelor allows you to easily find all your documents with document categorization and advanced search features. In addition, you have the ability to affix custom tags on your documents.