Optimize your customer relationship with AXELOR Help Desk.

Easily create tickets

You can create customer tickets quickly and in just a few clicks. Assign them to your team members or take charge of them yourself.
Each ticket can be attached to a customer, a contact, or a lead, and you can link it to an ongoing project.


Accurate tracking of ticket resolution

With a simplified interface, you immediately see the progress of each open ticket, which ones are late or unassigned, as well as the time remaining before the announced resolution time and date.
You also have access to a history of all tickets processed by customers.


Automatically apply your SLA rules

Axelor manages the service-level agreement (SLA) by allowing you to define your own application rules according to certain criteria.
The SLA rules will then automatically apply to tickets that meet the criteria, allowing you to have accurate indicators of your quality of service.

Precise dashboards

Follow at any time the performance of your customer support, the volume of tickets to be processed, resolution times, respect for SLAs …


Connect your helpdesk to an online portal

Your customers can, if you wish, directly create their tickets online through a specific portal. These appear automatically in the ERP and are ready to be processed by your teams.