Optimize the management of your stock with AXELOR ERP.

Manage your stocks accurately

Axelor not only manages your stock entries and removals, but also your internal stock movements. The solution is multi-warehouse and tree-based, and supports product variants.


Follow your stock movements in real time

Automatically generate your delivery and receipt notes from the customer and supplier orders, and generate your customer and supplier invoices automatically from the delivery notes.


Delivery management that adapts to all situations

You can reschedule your deliveries at will, split them in half or perform a finer split per unit or per line.
View in one click your itinerary to the delivery address from your delivery note. On the other hand, the application automates the management of backorders, returns and reshipments.


Out of stock is a distant nightmare

Avoid being out of stock anymore. Simply set minimum stock rules, the app can automatically generate purchase orders when quantities in stock reach a certain threshold or send you alerts. In addition, during your inventories, also managed from the application, you can value your stock according to several methods available to you.


The application that determines your needs

Calculate your needs by product, category or product family, by sales forecast or firm sale : the calculator makes the necessary proposals for your needs, prioritize it. You can group and automatically convert the proposals to purchase order or production order, case by case or en mass.


Advanced traceability

Axelor allows you to manage the tracking numbers, for production, purchase or sale, but also barcodes. In addition, you can decide on your recovery method in stock (FIFO, LIFO) and manage the dates of guarantee and expiry by tracking number : you thus benefit from a traceability and a total tracking of your stocks and movements of stocks.