Virtual Care :: remote patient Monitoring

Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Virtual Care can help

CENSON ® has been supporting care facilities since 2015.  We develop and support a range of remote patient monitoring, virtual care, telehealth, services, and wearables.

We were founded with the objective and purpose of offering professional support in patient care for care facility operators.  We believe our platforms can make a positive impact on the quality of life of chronic health sufferers.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

We understand the care needs of folks suffering from chronic health conditions and  support facilities with management and telemonitoring software, services, and wearables.

Virtual Care :: Remote Patient Monitoring
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Why Choose us

Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring software and support for medical clinic, home health care agency, skilled nursing facility, and assisted living facility operators.

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Platforms include a smart EMR, remote patient monitoring, virtual care and collaboration suites.

24x7 Support

24/7 help desk for your staff and patients to answer all your questions.


Cost effective staffing, pharmacy, and lab services provide revenue benefits.


Inexpensive wearables collect patient and staff vitals 24/7.

Facility Testimonials

“..we are able to provide round the clock monitoring for all of our patients allowing us to increase our revenue and level of patient care."
Virtual Care :: Remote Patient Monitoring
John McInery
Well Past Fifty