Assisted Living Facility:

Improve Resident Safety and Health for Zero Cost

The Challenge

  • Managing an Assisted Living facility in the age of COVID-19 can be a nightmare.
  • Getting folks to move in, and stay, are challenges that are new for many.
  • Having a message that conveys the safety of your facility.
  • Ensuring the safety of your staff and residents.

Let us show you how to:

Achieve much higher staff / resident safety in a COVID-19 world through:

  • Cost-free health and welfare telemonitoring care
  • Proactive healthcare through analysis of staff/resident vitals
  • 24/7 access to licensed MDs and RN’s
Remote Patient Monitoring is a medical treatment option for some acute care conditions, and for folks suffering from chronic health conditions, including:

…….and supports care plan adherence with medication and activity reminders.

assisted living facility
remote patient monitoring

Service Benefits

24 x 7 Telemonitoring by Licensed Practitioners:

  • Each eligible assisted living facility resident* is monitored by a team of licensed chronic health and aged care specialists
  • Each eligible resident* is on-boarded to the platform by the CENSON team
  • The $75 telehealth wearable is included at no charge
  • Each facility will have access to collected resident/staff vital signs

Included CENSON wearables:

  • Body Temperature 
  • Blood Oxygenation 
  • Respiration Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • Heart Rate/ECG
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Weight Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking –  patients/geofencing for memory care residents

OR use existing wearables (apple, google, etc) or medical devices.

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Notes: * Eligible residents are those who are covered under provincial health coverage and/or privately insured. Residents and facilities may choose to participate in the program at their own discretion. CENSON will provide staff to on-board and assist residents in the initial setup and ongoing use of the platform. CENSON will provide all hardware, including wearables and gateways as required to provide the program. Each facility will provide high speed wireless internet to the program for connection to CENSON wearables and gateways. CENSON may admit or deny any resident or facility access to the program at its sole discretion. ** Remote Patient Monitoring must be medically necessary to treat the patient's conditions, prescribed and provided in accordance with CMS regulations **